Future of Sport in Zimbabwe

Sport in Zimbabwe is part of the fabric of life. It provides a sense of belonging for millions of people, touching their lives in ways that no other institution can. It inspires passion and belonging. It can unite people and counties.

We believe that the professional services we offer can assist in enabling sportsmen and women to play a potential role in Zimbabwe.

The company has reputable consultants to help in our quest. Over the years we have also developed our international links, particularly with England. We believe there is no point wasting resources reinventing the wheel’. We would rather focus our energies on adapting and developing current resource and techniques for the benefit of the athletes.

Sport has potential here. We fell, however that despite the continued efforts of the many people, we are not reaching our goals or potential as individual, teams, groups, etc. The talent is there for all to see, we need to develop this talent in a way that it become a career path. For us achieve this we need find talent at a young age. The time has come for sport to stand up and be counted.

Our Vision

Dreams keep us alive and going. Dreams can become reality. For this to happen, we must know where we want to go and how we want to get there. We must then do all in our power to achieve these goals. This is where we come in we know that to achieve this dream, you require many things, the right resources, management, etc.
We have a range of development projects, programmes, events, and activities suited for every level. Over the past 4 years we have made research and observation of the development of sport for us to move you in the right direction.

The combination of all these experiences over the years culminated, in our own vision and dream being realised, the establishment of EGNATIA – SPORT in 2006. We have worked hard to get where we are today. Now we are in position of strength. Now we are ready to advance, we have the experience and the knowledge to help unlock the door for the future of sport.

Opportunities Egnatia Sports Offers

  • Improved professionalism of those involved in the game.
  • Employment opportunities for players, coaches, administrators, technical, officials, etc.
  • Employment from associated services : kit suppliers, facility maintenance, sponsors, etc.
  • Improving the health of the sportsmen and women.
  • Income generation.
  • Improved liaison between stakeholders and improve the image.
  • Improve participation levels and planning.
  • Increased opportunities to follow a career in sport.
  • Improved facilities.
  • Increased access to the latest techniques and developments.
  • Providing a more attractive product for sponsors.
  • Intermediary service ( Football agent )